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An abrupt End to Debian Live

Debian can be great.

But depending on who you are, where you come from, and who your friends are, Debian can also be hateful and full of deceit.

Before even more of reality is spin-doctored into some distorted view of it, and before my past work is being discredited, I will take the high road and continue my work on Debian Live images on the outside.

If there is one thing I did learn over the past years of agressions towards me, then that it is this: I am forced to blindly and unchallenged accept everything others decide about me or my work, resistence to the cabal is futile, anything goes, no matter what.

Therefore, after having founded Debian Live back in 2006 and having by now almost 10 years continuously worked on it, without further ado:

Debian Live is dead, hijacked by the debian-cd and the debian-installer Teams

The server will be shut down end of month, the Git repositories are read-only as of now and mirrored to GitHub for archival.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.


Legacy Internet

Currently I have 200mbit/s symmetric FTTH at home for 109 CHF/month from Quickline with IPv4 only. Their network service is generally good but they are unable and unwilling to provide IPv6 for years.

Fortunatly Fiber7 (1gbit/s symmetric FTTH for 65 CHF/month with native IPv6) from Init7 is available at my home starting February 2015.

Looking forward to to leave legacy Internet behind soon.