An abrupt End to Debian Live

Debian can be great.

But depending on who you are, where you come from, and who your friends are, Debian can also be hateful and full of deceit.

Before even more of reality is spin-doctored into some distorted view of it, and before my past work is being discredited, I will take the high road and continue my work on Debian Live images on the outside.

If there is one thing I did learn over the past years of agressions towards me, then that it is this: I am forced to blindly and unchallenged accept everything others decide about me or my work, resistence to the cabal is futile, anything goes, no matter what.

Therefore, after having founded Debian Live back in 2006 and having by now almost 10 years continuously worked on it, without further ado:

Debian Live is dead, hijacked by the debian-cd and the debian-installer Teams

The server will be shut down end of month, the Git repositories are read-only as of now and mirrored to GitHub for archival.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.



10 thoughts on “An abrupt End to Debian Live”

  1. As a Debian user that has relied on your software for a long time without realizing it, I am sorry to hear about this deeply upsetting information. Your contributions to Debian have been huge and it seems like no one seems to care how much work you have put into Debian itself. Your treatment has been shameful and is another mark Debian has gained due to the both childish and ignorant treatment of maintainers by those not only unwilling to Cooperate for the common good but also willing to create a toxic environment to get their way. I almost wish the ones responsible for this see the same thing happen to them if it were not detrimental to Debian Itself. Instead now the precedent is set for others to pull these shameful tactics.

    Thank you for everything you have done!


  2. As a downstream, I want to thank you for your contributions. The list of distributions using debian-live speaks for itself.

    It’s pretty sad that the debian-live story ended this way.

    I wish you good luck with your future projects.


  3. I really don’t know what’s up (because, y’know, I’m an outsider) but I do recognise a pattern I’ve seen many times before as a guard and it saddens me greatly that I’m seeing it now in my beloved debian 😦 I would urge you and others to read this to help with understanding.

    Please do make special note of this:
    ‘Apaths behave defenselessly because they want to avoid unpleasant or harmful circumstances [including the sociopath turning on them]. Apathy is an avoidance strategy. ‘


  4. Very sorry to hear that, but I fully understand you. Thanks to you I was able to start my own little Debian-respin, and live-build was the perfect tool for me to do this. Now I will have to look at other solutions, like Refractra or my own modified version of Remastersys. But it’s hardly equal to live-build which was perfect for me.

    When you say that you will continue working on the Debian LIve Images from the outside, what does that mean? Will you continue with your own fork or a start a new project? if so, what will it be?


  5. Devuan waits you with open arms :^) we can share a gitlab connected to a CI for builds. But beware that our fork of Debian-live is already maintained by Frits who had to fix some things in base-installer to respect the `exclude` options in order to make live-build work for us. In solidarity, good luck


  6. Daniel,

    As a Debian Live user for as long as you have had this project going, I thank you for your hard work! I enjoyed being able to run Debian from a USB stick, and what live taught me when I ran into issues like mkfs.ntfs bringing my system to its knees, or the short time syslinux file locations were broken. Although someone always beat me to committing the fixes (this is a hobby for me, after all), I looked forward to that time I could make my contribution as payback for an awesome project,

    It is definitely a shame to see this treatment from the fascists at Debian, and this trend of theirs to alienate outside, user supported projects is just sad. You’re not the first, and unfortunately, not likely to be the last.

    Where does the GNU/Linux user turn to next when their preferred distribution does something like this to such a great contributor?

    This is a sad trend in the GNU/Linux world in general. I dare say inflated egos are getting out of control, and ruining /our/ ecosystem. A reasonable set of heads would have discussed this with you before hand.

    The fact the statement was made that their “ng” version uses python (you had been working on this yourself!), makes it seem like as a parting shot they were saying “ours is better than yours anyway.”

    Sorry to say this, but f*** them.


  7. Hi Daniel,

    I also want to thank you for your great work. It saddens me to hear what has happened. Debian Live is/was my favorite Debian project. It gave me the tools to play and brew my own portable distributions and custom install images. And it was extremely educational and fun! I learned a lot from this project.

    As an experimental psychologist I sometimes had to look for a way to speak the same language and define my problems properly in the IRC. But in the end it improved my technical communicational skills and gave me a better technical understanding of the Debian OS.

    If there is anything I can do to support or contribute, please let me know.

    Best wishes!


  8. I live in a third world country where there is a kind of users with very specific needs: limited hardware resources, peculiar use cases. live-* made it possible for them to be productive, letting me build a custom Debian for them. I think that when we change the lives of others for the better, our work has reached its purpose. Your has, even if others don’t think so.


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